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  • Bandhu Dunham Webinar - Getting On Track with Marble Runs

    Learn how to build kinetic sculptures! Join Bandhu for an online class as he teaches how to design and construct marble runs.

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  • Uranium Tubing is Back!

    Real Uranium tubing is back in stock! Get yours now before we run out.

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  • We have nails!
    Glasscraft now has titanium and quartz domeless nails in stock in both locations.

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Customer Testimonials for Glasscraft
Great to do business with!
- Justin B.

One of the best sites to find just about everything I need for glass blowing.
- Cbird

Good company!
- Alen S.

Awesome site super stoked to continue using it
- sammie

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Glass Blowing Supplies to Fuel Your Fire

All your glass blowing supplies are here. Whether you require borosilicate glass tubing, glass blowing tools, soft glass, glass blowing torches, kilns, beadmaking or off-hand supplies, the experienced and helpful Glasscraft team is here to help you get the equipment and information you need at a good price. We invite you to explore our digital store and pursue your passion for taming fire.

Glasscraft - Helping You Tame Fire Since 1970

The pure possibility of creation when glass is in a molten state - it inspired glass blowers in 50 BC to tame fire, and spawned entire cultures of torchwork throughout the centuries. The harmony of flame and glass still unites us as lampworkers, artists, and craftspeople, and it's why Glasscraft is in business and continues to thrive today.

Expanding the Boundaries of Glasswork

Founded in 1970 by Homer Hoyt, one of America's flameworking pioneers, Glasscraft is a leading distributor of the finest selection of glassworking supplies, tools, and equipment. Now partnered with Winship Designs, the grassroots company that helped fuel the West Coast's borosilicate renaissance since 1985, we continue to honor the traditions of glassblowing while helping shape the future of the craft and the great artists that expand its boundaries year after year.

Glass Blowing Supplies - Lampworking Supplies - Borosilicate Tubing and Rod - Glasscraft Inc.

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