Glass Blowing Starter Kits

Select one of the glass blowing starter kits below, or create your own glass blowing kit.

Pipe Glass Blowing Kit with Red Max Premix Torch & Tools
  Beginner Pipe Making Torch Kit. contains Red Max Torch with a Premix Top Fire and All Necessary Hose and Connections to Get You from Torch to Tanks so You are Ready to Melt, Right out of The Box. Also Contains 6x6 Graphite Pad, 2x3 Graphite Paddle, 2x15mm Reamer, Pencil Reamer, 5/8th Inch Bowl Push, Tweezer set, Claw Grabber, Shade 3 Glasses with Economy Frame. and Fiber Blanket. The Pipe Kit also Comes with a Coupon: Good for a One Week Viewing of Our Webinar: Pipe making 101- Making a Spoon. Or You Can Choose any of Our Other More Advanced and Highly Informative Webinars, and Get $10 Off of That Selection.

Kit - Basic Nortel Minor Torch Kit

Nortel Minor Torch Set Up Kit. Contains:

  • 1 Nortel Minor Torch
  • 1 Oxy and 1 Propane Regulator
  • 1 Propane and Oxy Hose Set 12ft
  • 1 Set of Flashback Arrestors

For lampworking beads, small sculpture, marbles, from small up to 3 inches. Primarily for use with soft glass

Kit - Basic National 3A-B Torch Kit
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  National 3A-B Torch Set Up Kit. contains:
  • 1 National 3A-B Torch
  • 1 Oxy and 1 Propane Regulator
  • 1 Propane and Oxy hose Set, 12ft.
  • 1 12 Hole Tip
  • 1 Torch Stand
  • 1 Set of Flashback Arrestors

Great for creating beads,pendants and marbles. This torch will work tubing up to 19x3.2mm and up to 18mm solid rod.

Glass Blowing Starter Kits for Beginners

So you have become addicted, and now you want to purchase your own glass blowing setup.

Glasscraft offers the widest selection of tools and materials in the industry, and we have been outfitting beginners for over 40 years. We will even give you a 10% discount on all kit items in your order. Just pick at least one item from at least 4 of the following categories to get the discount.

Each section has a detailed description explaining why the items are important, with information on exactly which product will be best for what you plan to do. If you have any questions throughout the process, feel free to contact one of our educated staff members for more information. With your intro kit we will also offer discounted classes and educational material to help get you started on the right foot.

We appreciate your choice to start your addiction with us, and look forward to serving you throughout your glassblowing journey.

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