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Our Golden, Colorado location is home to one of the country's top glassblowing educational facilities. Our Studio was built with the student in mind focusing on safety, cleanliness and accessibility. Classes are held frequently focusing on everything from introductory to the most advanced workshops on the market. Please call 888-272-3830 for pricing and availability. 50% deposit required at time of registration. Workshop Deposits are non-refundable.

Studio Rental is available Monday through Friday from 9am-4:30pm and Saturdays from 9am-2:30pm when there are no classes or other events in progress. Studio rental includes use of one torch, lampworking tools, oxygen, fuel and kiln.

For those who will need to stay at a hotel during your class, consider staying at the Days Inn or The Hampton Inn. Both are very close to our Studio and they each offer a discounted price to Glasscraft students!

Welcome Groupon students! Look for beginning classes, then call for registration, 888-272-3830.


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Classes at Glasscraft - The Studio - Beginning Glassblowing Classes
Cornerstone Teaching Facility
Glasscraft in Eugene, OR does not currently offer classes, but our partners at Cornerstone Glass do. Click here for a current list of classes and to check out their great new teaching facility.
October 2014
Speaking Glass: A Lecture/Demo Class with Hamm

# of Registrants:

October 26th-28th, 10am-6pm
Price: $650   Instructor: Hamm Brushland   Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

(right after CHAMPS in Denver!)

Hamm is known for developing some of the most innovative designs in functional lampworking, including the recycler and several of the diffusion systems in wide use today. This 3-day, student driven class will give you a chance to get your technical questions answered, using a combination or whiteboard discussion, lecture and demos. Come prepared to absorb a lot information! Techniques covered will include:

  •  Subtle use of flame technique
  •  Micro planning for projects
  •  Form for function
  •  Reading heat in glass
  • and much more!

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November 2014
Rob Morrison & Preston Hanna

# of Registrants:

November 14-16th, 11am-7pm
Price: $750   Instructor:   Skill Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Rob Morrison and Preston Hanna will team up for this 3-day demo class. Known for colorful Sesame Street characters, beavers and recyclers, they plan on each making one solo piece separately and two in collaboration.

 "We plan to address side seals, ring seals, color application, assembly, texture, tools and how they relate to basic sculpture. Through construction of our pieces, you will learn to break down a character to simple shapes to recreate in glass. After a little practice of the techniques taught, one should be able to work through more complex work with more confidence and fewer mistakes."



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Pipemaking Classes
Pipemaking 101

# of Registrants:

3 days, Fri 4-8pm, Sat & Sun 10am-5pm
Price: $400   Instructor: Chris Schutz   Skill Level: Beginner

Students must be 21 or over.

Learn the basics of pipemaking in this intensive 3-day class!

Starting Friday evening from 4-8pm with a basic course in torch use, safety, and beginning to melt glass, the next two days will be an accelerated course in beginning glassblowing geared towards creating functional pipes. Saturday and Sunday are full-length, 7-hour classes from 10am-5pm. The instruction will include demos followed by hands-on student practice with teacher assistance. There will be time for students to practice on their own during Saturday and Sunday's classes. Materials, tools and torches will be provided.

Our Pipemaking 101 class is structured to teach students from the beginning steps of torch safety all the way to creating a finished piece. We do not require previous flameworking experience, although students who do have some experience may gain more from the class.


  • November 14-16th
  • December 12-14th
  • January 9-11th



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