Our Golden, Colorado location is home to one of the country's top glassblowing educational facilities. Our Studio was built with the student in mind focusing on safety, cleanliness and accessibility. Classes are held frequently focusing on everything from introductory to the most advanced workshops on the market. Please call 888-272-3830 for pricing and availability. 50% deposit required at time of registration with the remainder due 2 weeks prior to the class. Workshop Deposits are non-refundable.

Studio Rental is available Monday through Friday from 9am-4:30pm and Saturdays from 9am-1pm when there are no classes or other events in progress. Studio rental includes use of one torch, lampworking tools, oxygen, fuel and kiln.

For those who will need to stay at a hotel during your class, consider staying at the Days Inn or The Hampton Inn. Both are very close to our Studio!


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Glass Blowing Classes at Glasscraft - The Studio - Beginning Glassblowing Classes
Cornerstone Teaching Facility
Glasscraft in Eugene, OR does not currently offer classes, but our partners at Cornerstone Glass do. Click here for a current list of classes and to check out their great new teaching facility.
May 2016

# of Registrants:

May 11-12 2016, 10am-5pm
Price: $500   Instructor: The Mazet Bros   Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

We are excited to offer this special class from the Mazet brothers, with Josh and Eli taking on dual teaching duties for their classes here at Glasscraft, in Golden.  This 2 day marble class will cover multiple marbles techniques, patter work, design, opal encasements, and using dichroic glass. The Mazet brothers will also spend some time on flame chemistry and how that works with color.   

The class will include several demos, with lots hands on torch time, getting direct instruction as you work through and complete your on marbles during the class time. You are encouraged to bring your ideas and questions.  If you have the opportunity try making a few marbles before the class and  bring those marbles to the class to share. We will give you an analysis of how to improve them or maybe where you can go from there. This is not a requirement as the class is also open to beginning flame workers. Marbles are great way to enter flame working, and they have a lot to offer in terms of learning about glass and torch work.





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# of Registrants:

May 13-14 2016, 10am-5pm
Price: $500   Instructor: The Mazet Bros   Skill Level: Beginner / Intermediate

One of the most collected pieces of glass is virtually untouched by the contemporary lamp work glass community. Prior to prohibition shot glasses were all hand-made, after prohibition they were machine made and became a vehicle for advertisers. Some collectors have over 10, 000 shot glasses.

In the first time offered collaborative class Eli and Josh will teach you how to create hand crafted shot glasses and hand pipes that will be the ultimate piece in any collection! The brothers will teach you eye balls and teeth to add to your shot glass and pipes, or any other glass art projects. Functional and great for gifts! Award winning glass artist Eli and Josh have over 30 years combined experience. The Mazets will take you into their family business of three brothers who create glass art for museums, galleries, and private collectors all over the world. Students will be provided glass, tools, and equipment. Students can expect to finish their own shot glass and pipes.


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June 2016
David Kaminski’s Murrini Class

# of Registrants:

June 16-18, 2016 10am-5pm
Price: $600-800   Instructor: David Kaminski   Skill Level: Advanced


Class will be 2 days of demo and 1 day hands on. David Kaminski will be making a detailed crayon color milli from start to finish, and will also demonstrate pulling and working with stringers, hand mixing color, the nuances of sculpting cadmium colors and much more.  

Class runs 3 days - Day 1 and 2 will be demonstration of the breakdown, construction and completion of a complex murrini. Day 3 will be a hands on collaborative murrini project.
 After watching the 2 day demonstration, students will spend day 3 making their own murrini to be used in a collaboration with the rest of the class and the instructor. Hands on instruction will be provided throughout day 3 to assure that all class members complete their murrini component successfully. 
Some topics covered will be: 

Image Selection
 Image construction breakdown

Starting your image from a rod, a gather or a component

Source image accuracy

Painting with 7mm rod

Painting with stringers

Working with crayon colors

Efficient sculpting and shaping

Consistency in outlining

Choosing color schemes wisely

Pulling milli - the initial pull

Pulling in the flame

Pulling out of the flame

Murrini application

Sales & marketing of milli

General best practices

Annealing large solid sculpture

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August 2016
Old School Sculpture Class with Dirty Looie

# of Registrants:

August 6-7, 2016 / Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-5pm
Price: $450   Instructor: Lewis Wilson   Skill Level: All

This class will feature a logical and old school approach to sculpting.

Day 1 will start with a study of the many different styles of doing wings . We will then move on to small dragons, wizards and other fantasy designs. Followed by demos and instruction on aquatic designs. Wilson will also show his technique of using plastic toys as visual aids to make sculpting easier. The end of the first day would concentrate on doing pendant hooks. Many lampworkers do not do a decent hook for any pendant. The students would leave the class able to make great hooks. The last demo of the first day would be a hibiscus flower made by Lewis' wife, Barbara Svetlick.

Day two: The second day would start with the human form. This is Wilson's style that is greatly influenced by studying with Luccio Bubacco and Emiliano Santini. The second day would also cover the horse body. The class will also show how students can create a chess set. The last part of the second day would be a large demo of an eagle dancer.

You can view a lot of Wilson’s work at

Instructor Info: I was a self-taught lampworker from 1972-1973. From 1973-October to Jan 1974 I studied at Walt Disney World under Miquel Bonilla. From Jan 1974 to 1981 I sold at shows in Florida and New England. In 1981 I moved back to my home state of New Mexico and started doing my Indian dancer design. That is what I am most known for. From 1981 to 1993 I did shows all over the US. In 1993 I produced my first video on making soft glass beads. This was followed quickly by more videos on Beadmaking, making of Murrini and Animal beads. Then videos on boro sculptures and furnace paperweights and also Schott glass paperweights. I went on to produce over twenty videos –then they became DVDs. I had taught a couple dozen students up to 1993. After the first video came out I started teaching in Arizona, California and New Mexico. I taught two three day weekends a month for two years. That first two years I taught over 600 students, mostly in entry level soft glass bead making. By the year 2000 I had taught well over a thousand students. I have taught in Japan three times and done demos at five GAS conferances.

My Indian dancer sculptures have been presented by the state of New Mexico to King Juan Carlos of Spain, Pres George Bush the first, Bill Clinton. Also my work has been presented to Bo Diddly, Barry Goldwater, Al Unser Jr, and has been used for political gifts for Republicans and Democrats.


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September 2016
Introduction to Fuming Hollow and Solid Applications

# of Registrants:

Sept 2-5 2016, 10am-5pm
Price: $800 Hand On / $600 Observation   Instructor: James Yaun and Freddy Faerron   Skill Level: All

This four day intensive will focus on sharing James Yaun and Freddy Faerron’s fuming theories and application techniques. They will work with each torch present during the course and show how to adapt the fuming techniques on their own equipment. James and Freddy also plan on demoing intermediate to advance applications of their technique. This will be both a hands on course with 8 spaces available for application time and also demo observation space. James and Freddy will be both present throughout the entire course offering their one on one insight with all the participants.  

Day 1

*Presentation of fuming theory and written thesis.

 *Demo of the fuming color wheel also called "rainbow fuming".

*Implosion pendant with the art glass by Freddy.

*Guided student application time

*Demo of a reduction fumed pendant work by James.

*Guided application time.

 *Presentation of solid fume cane.

*Guided application time.

*Presentation of opal frit cane.

*Guided application time.

Day 2

*Discussion of the reflective vs transmitting properties of fuming and review of thesis paper.

 *Demo a reflective fume rose implosion pendant made with gold and white by Freddy.

*Guided application time.

*Demo of reflective fumed vessel made out of color based tubing by James.

*Guided application time.

*Introduction marble making theory.

*Demo of chaos style marble using made cane and fuming by James and Freddy.

*Guided application time.

Day 3

*Fumed vortex marble demo by James.

*Guided application time.

*Vortex pendant demo by James.

*Guided application time.

*Fume implosion vortex marble demo by Freddy.

*Guided application time.

Day 4

*Open day for completion of demos and student inspired demo applications

On day four James Yaun and Freddy Faerron will complete any demos that are listed above and got missed due to lack of time and also work with the students to fulfill desired new demos.



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Fine Lines and Fine Wines

# of Registrants:

September 29-October 1, 2016, 10am-5pm
Price: $800   Instructor: Robert Mickelsen and Shane Fero   Skill Level: Intermediate to Advanced

This 3-day hands-on class will focus on teaching you to create thin glass goblets. Fero and Mickelsen will start with a presentation on goblet history, and the class will shift to demonstration and hands-on torch time. You will learn about finessing thin glass and how to create sculptural stems. You’ll finish with a wine tasting party, where you’ll sample wine using the goblet you created!


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Pipemaking Classes
Pipemaking 101 BOOK NOW
3 days, Fri 4-8pm, Sat & Sun 10am-5pm
Price: $400   Instructor: Chris Schutz   Skill Level: Beginner

Students must be 18 or over.

Learn the basics of pipemaking in this intensive 3-day class!

Starting Friday evening from 4-8pm with a basic course in torch use, safety, and beginning to melt glass, the next two days will be an accelerated course in beginning glassblowing geared towards creating functional pipes. Saturday and Sunday are full-length, 7-hour classes from 10am-5pm. The instruction will include demos followed by hands-on student practice with teacher assistance. There will be time for students to practice on their own during Saturday and Sunday's classes. Materials, tools and torches will be provided.

Our Pipemaking 101 class is structured to teach students from the beginning steps of torch safety all the way to creating a finished piece. We do not require previous flameworking experience, although students who do have some experience may gain more from the class.


  • May 20-22
  • June 24-26
  • July 29-31
  • August 19-21


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    Beginner Classes
    Beginning Beadmaking - 4 hour class BOOK NOW
    Beginner classes are available several times per month....usually on Saturdays.
    Price: $199   Instructor: Cindy Brown   Skill Level: Beginner

    Topics covered will include studio safety, stringers, twisted cane, bead shaping, surface decoration, annealing and glass compatibility. A handout is included. We will be using soft glass (COE104) and each student can expect to make between 4 to 10 beads during the day. Beads will need to anneal overnight, and they can be picked up at a later date. No previous hot glass experience is required. Students must be 16 or older. Class size is limited (3- 6 students), so each student will receive lots of individual attention. The cost includes glass and the use of a propane/oxygen torch and all other tools and materials needed for the class.
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    Flameworking 101 - 4 hour class BOOK NOW
    Beginner classes are available several times per week......various weekdays and some Sundays.
    Price: $199   Instructor: Varies   Skill Level: Beginner

    Boro 101 is a great introduction to flameworking in a professional setting. This class will cover setup, tools, lampworking materials, glass properties, with an emphasis on solid form. Sculpture, welds, leaves, and other flameworking basics will be covered in this workshop. Each student will have the opportunity to create their own glass sculpture during this class. Students must be 16 or older. The cost includes glass and the use of a propane/oxygen torch and all other tools and materials needed for the class.
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    2nd Step Beadmaking BOOK NOW
    Full Day class - 9am-4:30pm
    Price: $250 ($175 for return students)   Instructor: Cindy Brown   Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

    Topics covered will include studio safety, review of techniques from the beginning class, clear casing and working with dichroic glass. There will also be plenty of time for one on one problem solving, so feel free to bring in examples of problems you are having with your technique. We will be using soft glass (coe104) and each student can expect to make between 10 and 15 beads during the day. Beads will need to anneal overnight, and they can be picked up at a later date.............Pack a lunch! Upcoming Dates:

  • July 16

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    Flameworking 201 - Hollow Forms BOOK NOW
    Full Day class - 9am-4:30pm
    Price: $250 ($175 for return students)   Instructor: Kristina Sasser   Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate

    This class will cover setup, tools, lampworking materials, glass properties, with an emphasis on hollow form. Honeycombs, implosions, vessels, and attachments will be covered in this workshop. Each student will have the opportunity to create their own glass sculpture during this class. Materials are provided. Pack a lunch! Upcoming Dates:

  • May 24
  • July 21

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    Flameworking 201: “Fuming”/Phantom Work and Dichro BOOK NOW
    Full Day Class - 9am-4:30pm
    Price: $250 ($175 for return students)   Instructor: Curtis Jarman   Skill Level: Intermediate

    This 2nd step solid class is designed to teach students the art of gold and silver “fuming”, one of the earliest methods of applying color to borosilicate glass. Using some techniques from our Boro 101 class, students will learn several ways to use these metals including "phantom work". As an added bonus you will learn to stabilize, encase, and manipulate dichroic glass. Pack a lunch! Upcoming Dates:

  • May 25
  • July 20

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