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Slyme - Trautman - COE 33 | Trautman Art Glass (TAG) Rod

Slyme - Trautman - COE 33

One of the most unusual colors in the boro palette, Slyme can range from transparent to translucent to a milky semi-opaque, depending on how you work it. Work cooler to keep Slyme more opaque, with a soft reducing flame. This also prevents reboil and scumming. Goes transparent under higher heat, but can develop a ghostly milky green haze. Slyme is known to have a slightly higher COE, but works in nearly any application. Especially at the start, you will want to USE A REDUCING FLAME WITH SLYME for best results! You can switch to a bushy neutral flame once it is up to temp. If you are getting scum or boil, consider lowering the pressure.


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