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Christian Luginger Instructor Profile

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Christian Luginger will be teaching "Goblets, Shapes, and Vessels"  on April 14th – 16th , 2016 at the studio in Golden, Colorado.  It is time to get to know Christian a little better.


Luginger knew art was his path, but didn’t necessarily know what medium was his calling until a 1999 special on PBS featuring Dale Chuhuliy. These days, Luginger loves all things glass.  Christian took his first professional class right here at Glasscraft. Since then, he has studied under many masters. His teachers have included names like Robert Mickelsen, Roger Paramore, Cesare Toffolo, Paul Marioni, Milon Townsend and Emilio Santini.


Luginger has focused much of his education on traditional Murano techniques especially with Goblets. However, he uses his own creative voice to differentiate his designs. According to Luginger’s Bio, “Every class experience through his travels has deeply and uniquely affected his life and the way he shares his work. He is no longer the student, but the teacher. Christian now develops his own teaching and mentoring abilities by holding private lessons in his studio. He receives feedback from students, so that he may understand how to better communicate his art to others.”



Luginger is excited about his upcoming class “Goblets, Shapes, and Vessels”. Christian will be covering some of the basic techniques he uses to make goblets, different cup shapes and assembly of the pieces. Students of different skill levels will take home the experience of learning, discussing and maybe collaborating with others. He will discuss old world and  modern day glass through demonstrations, exercises and one on one instruction showing his unique take on traditional Venetian designs.  


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