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Dichroic Glass, COE 33
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Dichroic is pronounced "dye-cro-ick" and translates from Greek as "two-colored." It is sometimes referred to as "dichro" for short. Dichroic glass has been specially coated to enhance the glass' optic properties. Thin layers of metal oxides on the surface of the glass transmit certain wavelengths of light while reflecting other wavelengths. This light scattering gives dichroic glass an iridescent sheen, which is desirable for use in artistic applications.

Dichroic glass is frequently used in beadmaking, or for stained glass projects. Glass sheets can be fused and used in jewelry or any other artistic application where its optical properties are appreciated. During manufacture, metal oxides are vaporized and deposited on the surface of the glass as micro-thin layers. The colors of dichroic glass are created by manipulating the number of these thin layers, and due to natural variations in the film application, each piece is unique.

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