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Simax glass is an excellent quality borosilicate glass with a coefficient of expansion (COE) of 33. Simax glass is also known as borosilicate, and is commonly called "hard" glass. Simax glass is perfectly clear, smooth, and non-porous. Borosilicate like Simax is uniquely suited to industrial uses due to its high heat-resistance and chemical stability. These same properties make Simax glass the perfect choice for all laboratory or scientific applications, where the glass may be exposed to high temperatures or abrupt temperature changes.

Simax glass is chemically neutral, and is not harmful to the environment. These characteristics have made Simax glass uniquely suited not only as a glass for the most-demanding industrial settings but also as a glass for household cook-wear. Artists value Simax glass for its slightly longer working time and its high optic quality. Simax glass is also fully compatible with other brands of borosilicate glass tubing and rod including Pyrex from Corning, Kimax from Kimble, Schott Duran and the different types of borosilicate glass, clear and colored, currently being made in China.

Simax glass is manufactured in the Czech Republic and complies with international quality standards. Simax glass comes in 1500 mm lengths or 59 inches (approximately 5 feet) and is available in several different wall thicknesses including standard, medium, heavy and extra-heavy.


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