Aqua Glow Frit
Bright White Frit
Eggplant Frit
Kelly Green Frit
Mustard Yellow Frit
Sky Blue Frit
Spring Purple Frit
Yellow Green Glow Frit
Origin Glass color bars are manufactured by Elan Technology of Midway, GA, located approximately 30 miles south of Savannah. The manufacturing of these colors involve dyes and pressed borosilicate powders, a process that both Corning and Elan have used for decades in "gun mounts" or "glass preform" manufacturing. Preform manufacturers made color coded borosilicate insulators for electronic guns in TV tubes, aka "CRTs" (cathode ray tubes.) Major TV set makers from the 1960's on, RCA, Philips/Magnavox, Zenith and Sony, used color coded green and white borosilicate bars which became known in our industry as the legendary "Dwarf" colors. Competition from India and the advent of LCD screens led Corning to get out of the business but Elan then ramped up product lines for the artistic borosilicate glassblowing market. Elan colors were initially marketed and known as Aardvark colors, Borobars, Boro Stixs. They are now known as Origin Glass.

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