GA Agua Azul Frit
GA Alchemy Mint Frit
GA Amazon Bronze Frit
GA Amazon Lagoon Frit
GA Amazon Night Frit
GA Andromeda Frit
GA Aquatic Carnival Frit
GA Black Violet Frit
GA Clear Frit
GA Cobalt 5 Frit
GA Dragon's Blood Frit
GA Dragon's Eye Frit
GA Iris Frit
GA Jackpot Frit
GA Paparazzi Frit
GA Peacock Frit
GA Persimmon Strike Frit
GA Portland Gray Frit
GA Purple Lustre Frit
GA Raven Frit

Glass Alchemy Frit is available in 4 and 16 ounce containers. As a safety consideration, all frits are sold in full containers only. Glass Alchemy Frit is available in five sizes ranging from Large, #25 (most coarse), to Extra Fine, 100 (most fine). The approximate sizes are as follows:
Large, #25 Kosher Salt / Pretzel salt
Medium, #38 Raw Sugar
Small, #70 - Hourglass Sand
Fine, #82 - Silt
Extra Fine, #100 - Talcum Powder or Cornstarch

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