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October 16, 2014

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Classes in The Studio

Speaking Glass: A Lecture/Demo Class with Hamm

Oct. 26th-28th

We have just a few more seats left in this groundbreaking class! If you've been considering signing up, reserve your seat now!



Rob Morrison & Preston Hanna

Nov. 14th-16th

 "We plan to address side seals, ring seals, color application, assembly, texture, tools and how they relate to basic sculpture. Through construction of our pieces, you will learn to break down a character to simple shapes to recreate in glass. After a little practice of the techniques taught, one should be able to work through more complex work with more confidence and fewer mistakes."
This exciting demo class will feature solo work by both Rob and Preston and at least one collaboration! We can't wait to see what they'll come up with by combining their signature muppets and beavers!

Pipemaking 101
3 days, Fri 4-8pm, Sat & Sun 10am-5pm

Our popular pipemaking classes continue! 

Learn the basics of pipemaking in this intensive 3-day class!

  • November 14-16th
  • December 12-14th
  • January 9-11th


    October Sale

    We have an eclectic mix of items on sale this month! From ground joints to tools, tubing, color, and soft glass!

    Click here for the full list of sale items!



    Upcoming Events

    Glasscraft Swap Meet
    Oct. 20th

    This year's swap meet at Glasscraft's Golden location will feature music, demos, a glass competition (with prizes!), and food! Bring unwanted glass, tools, and even finished work for trade!

    CHAMPS Trade Show, Denver Convention Center
    Oct. 21st-23rd

    Glasscraft will be attending the second CHAMPS show in Denver next week. Stop by our booth for some great deals on tools and color. We're even doing a prize drawing! If you're in the Denver area, don't miss this huge glass industry show!

    Post-CHAMPS Open House
    Oct. 24th

    The day after CHAMPS, we always have some items from the booth left over. Take advantage of one more day of deals! Stop by our Golden location on Friday to shop our show-priced stuff!


    Coming Soon!

    Glasscraft has a new studio in the works! In Eugene location, right across the street from our warehouse, you can now rent studio space! In addition to monthly studio rentals, we will eventually host classes! For further info and to inquire about renting, send us an email to studionw@glasscraftinc.com


    Glasscraft is a proud Sponsor...

    ...Of some really exciting events this month!

    Humboldt Harvest Glass Gathering at the Lost Coast Gallery in Trinidad, CA
    Oct. 17th-19th

    This gallery opening event will celebrate the reopening of Jared DeLong's Lost Coast Gallery and will feature work and live demos by artists like Banjo, Mr. Gray, Darby Holm and lots more!

    Seattle PipeMasters Collab
    At the Boro School & 7 Point Studio

    The Seattle PipeMasters Collab will feature the work of ten days of collaboration between twenty-five glass artists from around the world. There's no telling what all these artists will create together, but it will be amazing!

    Glasscraft is proud to be able to donate glass to both events.



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