GA Lapis Frit

Lapis Blue, 5195, one our most sought after colors, was inspired by a piece of lapis lazuli rock. One of the oldest colors used by the great paint masters, we worked hard to bring this color to the palette. A dark, soulful, opaque blue. Heat slowly to raise the core temperature. Once the heat base is established, this color can be worked very hot and any air bubbles that popped during the preheat will smooth out. Getting this color white hot will cause excessive gas release that can not be repaired and should therefore be avoided. Glass Alchemy Frit - Boromax Frit - COE 33 Frit GA Lapis Frit
Lapis- Size 25 - 4oz Frit - Glass Alchemy 33
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Lapis- Size 25 - 16oz Frit - Glass Alchemy 33
On Sale

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Jackpot -Size 25 - 4oz Frit Glass Alchemy COE 33
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