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The fundamental tool for the lampworker is a good torch. The first torch you purchase will play a key role in what you create, so it is important to choose the right one. Choose a torch based on what you want to create and how much you have to spend. Simple, small torches such as the National and Minor were integral beginner tools for some of the worlds top lampworkers. Torches such as the Redmax and Carlisle offer more heat, which means bigger final product. When purchasing your first torch, remember that torches hold their value well, so you can always upgrade later. Once you've found the right torch, pick out the tools you'll need to bring your art to life in the NEXT STEP

If you want to purchase one of our other torches with the rest of the beginner kit, just give us a call or email and we'll sub it into your order.

National Torch, 3A-B with Barbed Connectors
  This torch from Premier Industries serves not only as a hand torch but also as an excellent bench burner. It is reliable, durable and versatile, accommodating a large variety of tips and several gases. 1/4" hoses and connectors are recommended. Tips are not included, but all the National tips from Premier will fit this torch. Why Recommended

Flashback Arrestor Set, Propane and Oxygen - Set of 2
  For mounting on regulators. Internal check valves help to prevent reverse gas flow & flashbacks, protecting regulators and cylinders. Color coded (Oxygen-Green / Fuel Gas -Red) to prevent accidental gas mixing. / Sold as Set. Why Recommended

Nortel Minor Bench Burner
$188.00 Temporarily Out of Stock Request It!
  A small versatile surface mix torch, ideal for working soft glass or small boro. Perfect for beadmakers or small sculpture. Why Recommended

Nortel Red Max with Premix Topfire
$624.00 Temporarily Out of Stock Request It!
  This is a 45-port round torch with a second on top. The bottom is configured as a center ring of 16 ports, surrounded by a ring of 27 ports. Flame width can be up to 1.25 inches. The topfire can be either pre or surface mix. The premix option includes a top-mounted burner with interchangeable N11 and N3 tips. Use 3/8 inch or 5/16 inch hoses. Why Recommended

Valve Body 1/4 MPT for Bunsen Burner ON/Off Switch
$16.59 Temporarily Out of Stock Request It!
  Why Recommended

Regulator - Fuel - 2 Gauge Radnor Regulator
$150.71 Temporarily Out of Stock Request It!
  The two gauge Radnor regulator measures both the pressure inside the tank and the delivery pressure. Essential to every tank. Why Recommended

1/4" NPT Female to 1/4" Hose for Kit 16215-On/Off Switch
$4.00 Temporarily Out of Stock Request It!
  Why Recommended

Hose Set -1/4"x25 foot Oxygen and Fuel, 'T' Grade
$40.00 Temporarily Out of Stock Request It!
  1/4" diameter T-Grade hose, 25 feet long, both Oxygen and Fuel with threaded ends. Why Recommended

1/4 Turn Ball Valve for Kit 16215-On/Off Switch
$50.00 Temporarily Out of Stock Request It!
  Why Recommended
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