Properly annealing your glass is essential if you plan to create a quality product. Working glass creates stress, which will result in cracking if not properly annealed. A kiln will be one of your more significant investments as a beginning glassblower. On the bright side, as with torches, kilns hold their value well. So you can always start small and work your way up to the biggest kiln in the world. When picking a kiln, decide how large you want your finished product to be, and go from there. If you cannot afford a kiln right away, you can always use fiber blanket. Fiber blanket will not anneal your glass, but it will cool it down slower, preventing some cracking.

Now you're all set to begin making your own pieces of glass art. If you need a little extra help figuring out how to get started, check out our educational material in the NEXT STEP.

Fiber Blanket - 24" X 12" X 1"
FT [Out of Stock]
  DURA Blanket is an alternative to vermiculite. Used to bring the temperature of your beads down at a slow rate. Rated at 1800 F. (Note: This does not anneal your glass.) Why Recommended

Paragon Front Loader F120
K-PF 120
  The F-120 Kiln is equipped with a Digital Sentry Xpress controller, spring-loaded vertical-drop door, 10" punty slot and top mounted heating element for safety. Max. Temp. 1800 Degrees F / 120 V / Interior: 11"D x 10 3/4"W x 7"H / Approx. Shp. Wt-135 Why Recommended

Aim Kiln 9"x6"x9" with Analog Pyrometer and Bead Door
$625.00 Temporarily Out of Stock Request It!
  AIM Kilns model 96J- Economy bead annealer and lampworker's garage kiln. 9.5" wide by 9.5" deep by 6.5" tall (inside). 120 volt/14 amp, 1700 degree F max. Simple hinged door with spring latch; with bead door. Why Recommended
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