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The Shot Glass Webinar

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02/23/2017 6pm Mountain Time
Price: $59   Instructor: Eli Mazet   Skill Level: All

Join Eli Mazet as he teaches a Shot Glass Webinar! This webinar will cover hand shaping the basic shot glass, surface decoration using sculpting tools, frit and fume. Eli will walk you through a clear shot glass, discuss the history of the shot glass, and demonstrate his signature eye and teeth decoration techniques. This one is loaded with tips and tricks that can translate to pipes, pendants or anything else you are working on.

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Tiny Worlds Within

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3/16/2017 at 5pm Mountain Time
Price: $59   Instructor: Miles Parker   Skill Level: ALL

Miles Parker is fascinated by the endless possibilities of what can be placed inside a ‘simple’ marble form. 

Join Miles as he demonstrates how to create your own tiny world within. Miles will do 2 marble demonstrations:

1. UV Reactive 'Organized Chaos' with Herkimer Diamond and Volcanic Pebbles

2. Upside down Fumicello Implosion Vortex

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