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5 Reasons to Rent Studio Space at Glasscraft

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Do you know that both Glasscraft locations rent studio space? Here are 5 Reasons to work from the Glasscraft Studio

1. We have everything you need. 

Golden’s studio rental price includes the tools, torches, shared kilns and gas. You must provide the glass, but we know where you can get glass at a great price! The Golden studio is inside the Golden retail store. 

Eugene’s studio rental price includes bench space, shared kilns and gas. Eugene’s studio is located right across the street from our Eugene retail store.  It is really convenient to pop out of the studio, grab a few sticks of a color you need, have someone ring you up and jump right back in the studio.




2. Meet other glass blowers.

Being surrounded by lampworkers at various levels in their journey means there is a lot of information flying around the studio. Sometimes the newbies have the best tricks! The studio environment is supportive and collaborative.


3. You never know who will pop into the studio.  

One of our newer studio renters has been focusing on implosion marbles lately. A few weeks ago, Eusheen was in the Golden store and popped his head into the studio and gave the guy some pointers.

4. You have a wide choice of rental options.     

In Eugene Rental Options:

 By Day (9am-9pm) 

By Week (7 days a week) 

By Month  

 In Golden Rental Options.    

 2 hour (1/2 block)

 4 hour (1 block) 

 8 hour (2 blocks)

 Week ( 10 blocks)

 Month (40 blocks) 

5. The studios are always rocking!

Our studios have stereo systems that renters can plug their mobile systems into. So you can rock out while playing with fire and glass- what more can you want?













Check out the Eugene Studio!


For more information on studio rentals go to : http://www.glasscraftinc.com/home/gla/smartlist_1837/glass_blowing_studio_rental_eugene_golden.html


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