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9th Annual Tailpipe Tour Coming to Glasscraft Golden!

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On July 13th and 14th, Glasscraft will welcome Toni Goodstash and the Tailpipe Tour. Toni and his crew will be driving cross-country in his mobile glass studio, stopping to hang-out with glass lovers along the way. They have been doing this annual tour for nine years now and Glasscraft in Golden has been on the tour for the last 4 years. There will be barbeque, some special deals on glass, and this year, Toni proposed a bridge building contest and we accepted the challenge.


The competition will start on Monday, each team will be given 10 pounds of 7mm rod, a few torches and 2 days to build their bridge. The bridges will be judged in two categories. The first will be the bridge that can hold the most weight. The second category will be for the coolest design. However, in order to qualify for the coolest design category, the bridge must be able to hold 45 pounds for 1 minute.

There are 6 teams competing for prizes and bragging rights. Toni will be bringing two teams with him. Allan White of Smoke Signals in Denver will have two teams with him as well. The last two teams have been organized by Glasscraft.

Glasscraft recruited two teams from the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the American Scientific Glassblower Society. The first team is going by the name of Nash Bridges and consists of team members Blake Bortolin and Justin Davis. Both Bortolin and Davis studied Scientific Glass Technology at Salem Community College. They decided to participate in this event to challenge themselves and break out of their comfort zone. Bortolin told us earlier this week, “I look forward to meeting everyone. This should be a fun couple days. Best of luck to all the teams!”

The second team consists of Quincy Horn and Chris Bain. Quincy can often be found in the Glasscraft studio working away. Sometimes he’s working on scientific apparatus, sometimes marbles, sometimes functional art but no matter what it is you can be sure he’s put a lot of thought into it. Quincy’s teammate Chris has been a glass artist for 14 years and specializes in hand-blown borosilicate functional art. This team does not yet have a name, they have been too busy researching bridge designs and practicing construction.


Quincy Horn at the last ASGS Meeting

Toni Goodstash sent along this message to the teams and the audience: “Toni Goodstash is bringing a lunch and skills that kill and maybe up to two mystery secret glass artists :). Girls and boys hold on and keep all hand and feet inside the bus at all times :)”

Also, for these two days,  all Simax, Chinese, and Color rod will be 25% off, and all clear Chinese tubing, rod, and ground joint cases will be buy one at list price, get one at equal or lesser value free!

Come on out and cheer on the teams, this promises to be an exciting competition!

 July 13th & 14th

411 Violet St.

Golden, CO 80401


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