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A Tale of Two Goblets----

A Tale of Two Goblets | Past Webinars

A Tale of Two Goblets

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Date & Time:

April 13, 2017 at 6pm Mtn


Robert Mickelsen and Shane Fero




Join Robert Mickelsen and Shane Fero as they demonstrate goblets! Both instructors†focus on shaping, clean lines and thin blown glass. Neither uses lathes or bench rollers and each start their demos by blowing a bubble on clear tubing. Yet, each demonstration results in a very different goblet.

Shane Fero makes his goblet from clear neon tubing. He will focus on shaping and decorating using powders, glass shards and stringers. The finished piece is an all black abstract goblet.

Robert Mickelsenís goblet is made in boro. He decides the shape on the fly based on the shape of the bubble

he blew. He will walk you through lip wraps, his technique for spinning goblet feet and a twisted cane stem.