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About Us

Keeping the Fires Burning...

Glasscraft began in 1970 with the goal of sharing the essential tools, techniques and information with a growing community of glassworkers. Today we're still building on that original purpose as both a supplier of glassblowing equipment and a source of inspiration for lampworking artists and craftspeople.

It starts with a love of the craft. Glasscraft was founded by Homer Hoyt, a flameworking pioneer who literally wrote the book on the subject (Glassblowing, An Introduction, 1970). Homer was an influential teacher and artist who wanted to help the glass trade grow beyond its secretive, ancient traditions; now the company continues to fulfill his wish by offering workshops and educational opportunities, along with the raw material and tools needed to advance the art form.

...and the Dream Alive

When Glasscraft joined forces with Dave Winship and his company, Winship Designs, in 2009, we gained the participation of not only a great artist, but also the vision of an industry leader who shares the dream of expanding the potential of glasswork. Dave is an active member of his Eugene, Oregon community, participating in the Oregon Country Fair and Saturday Market, and he and his team are regulars on the Flame-Off show Circuit, participating in events around the country. Dave also sponsors the Becky Winship Scholarship (in honor of his sister) for the Glass Art Society and is a board member of the John Burton Program.

The current Glasscraft team, comprised of creative craftspeople and skilled technicians, are here to lend advise and expertise to our valued customers. That's our way of carrying on the traditions started by Homer and Dave - to contribute to the strength and growth of the glassworking community by sharing knowledge and providing the finest tools of the trade.