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ASGS Rocky Mountain Meeting Recap

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ASGS Rocky Mountain Section held its spring meeting at Glasscraft on Saturday night, May 30th. Fifty-five members joined us for food, drink, lots of camaraderie and great demos.

Elton Bishop and Eran Park demonstrate the Bishop V1.2 foot pedal. This mechanical foot pedal is designed by an engineer, comes with an oxygen bypass and is designed to last a long time.


Marc Kornbluh of High Volume Oxygen was in attendance and demonstrated The Mighty Mite oxygen system. This system runs on one 20 amp circuit and can power 2 Mirages!

David Kaminski demonstrated hand mixing a batch of flesh tone using a Bethlehem Champion torch, and then demonstrated a cartoon facial sculpture using the same, unencased hand mixed flesh tone and other crayon colors.

Quincy Horn showing us science in action using a condenser he made!

Chris Sadjak and Justin Davis looking at the beginnings of a scientific/artistic collaboration.

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