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Berzerker's Dark Matter Clay Mold Webinar 2016----

Berzerker's Dark Matter Clay Mold Webinar 2016 | Past Webinars

Berzerker's Dark Matter Clay Mold Webinar 2016

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Date & Time:

June 30, 2016 5:00 PST


Berzerker (Brian Serck)




This online class covers how to make reusable molds using the Berzerker Dark Matter clay. We will cover how to get the clay worked into the consistent form for making a custom push mold; Anything from facets to your own homemade creations can be used. We will cover how to push an object into the clay, reuse clay, the drying process and preparing the clay mold before firing. Also covered is kiln firing, preparing a fired mold for use with glass and how to successfully push glass into the mold and get it to release.

Dark Matter clay is a material developed by Berzerker. He has spent many years perfecting a formula for clay that can be used for making molds that can handle the heat and pressure of borosilicate glass. The molds are used with flameworked glass and can last for hundreds of uses. Learn how to use this clay to add an entirely new look to your work! Make objects that are near impossible to hand sculpt! You will develop an in depth understanding on how to use the dark matter clay for borosilicate push molds and learn about many of the challenges that need to be worked out in order to create a finished product that will last hundreds of uses.

NOTE: Buying this gets you one week access to view this video online. You will be provided access instructions after payment is received. Clay is no longer available through Glasscraft and must be obtained directly from Brian Serck.