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Kimmo Implosion Cabachon

Tue, Mar 12 2019 3:28 pm Dave Winship Blog   Learning    Comments
Image Kimmo Implosion Cabachon

We’ll be featuring Kimmo’s Cabochon contribution to the Plazmakollab on a 3/28/19 webinar and hope you can join us.


Kaleb Folck Sculpture Plazmakollab Webinar 2/14/19

Thu, Jan 24 2019 5:39 pm David Winship Blog   Learning    Comments
Image Kaleb Folck Sculpture Plazmakollab Webinar 2/14/19

Learn about Kaleb Folck, the star of the next webinar in the Plazmakollab series, happening 2/14/19



Tue, Aug 28 2018 6:32 pm David Winship Blog   Learning    Comments
Image Hamm

Hamm Vitrifex Outside The Bench


Deb Crowley's Glass Stock 2018

Mon, Aug 20 2018 4:44 pm Blog   Events   Learning    Comments
Image Deb Crowley's Glass Stock 2018

"Share Like There Is No Tomorrow"  -  Deb Crowley


Nathan Belmont Webinar

Wed, Aug 15 2018 5:09 pm David Winship Blog   Learning    Comments
Image Nathan Belmont Webinar

Nathan Belmont: Episode ll PlazmaKollab


Hummingbird Feeder & Pipe Collab

Fri, Jul 27 2018 5:26 pm Blog    Comments
Image Hummingbird Feeder & Pipe Collab

2018 was the year Bucho and Winship finally did their Hummingbird Feeder Pipe Collab


Dellene Peralta Webinar

Wed, Jul 18 2018 5:55 pm Dave Winship Blog   Learning    Comments
Image Dellene Peralta Webinar

Dellene leads off on our 6 part webinar series: PlazmaKollab Weapon of Mass Peace

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Wilt Bell Kiln for Sale

Thu, Jul 14 2016 3:10 pm Jesse Wakeley Blog   Products    Comments

Looking for a bell kiln? We've got a great deal on a used one at our Golden location! Local pickup only.

Read More About the Kiln and See Pictures

Important Notice Regarding Glasscraft Golden

Tue, Sep 05 2017 4:20 pm Glasscraft Team Blog    Comments

After careful consideration, Glasscraft will be leaving our operations in Golden Colorado. The Eugene, Oregon location will remain and be our primary distribution center and company headquarters.

Read on for more details

Murano Techniques Translated to The Boro World

Tue, Mar 29 2016 11:49 am Kelli Matthews Blog    Comments

The boro world is bursting at the seams with new techniques, new color and new ideas. Yet many things we do have deep roots on the island of Murano.

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Christian Luginger Instructor Profile

Mon, Feb 15 2016 11:15 am Jenn Langill Blog    Comments

Christian Luginger will be teaching "Goblets, Shapes, and Vessels" on April 14th – 16th , 2016 at the studio in Golden, Colorado. It is time to get to know Christian a little better.


Let's Talk Tools

Fri, Feb 05 2016 8:47 am Blog    Comments

Having the right tools for the job is as important to the lampworker as it is for a carpenter. Luckily, some of our tools are a bit cheaper and do not require you to install a toolbox in the back of your truck


Highlights from the Berzerker Classes

Wed, Jan 27 2016 1:51 pm Jennifer Langill Blog    Comments

Brian Serck aka Berzerker was just in the Golden studio teaching 3 classes, a Multi Layer Graal class and 2 sections of his Dark Matter Clay Mold class. Here are the highlights!

See the highlights

The 2017 Webinar Project- January

Tue, Feb 21 2017 9:37 am Jenn Langill Blog    Comments

 Many of us start the new year with goals and resolutions. My goal this year was to expand my skill set behind the torch. My name is Jenn Langill, I have been a hobbyist on the torch for 9 years, 2 of those years were spent in the Scientific Glass Technology Program at Salem Community College. I am currently the Education Coordinator for Glasscraft. All those awesome classes and webinars Glasscraft offers, I help make those happen. I spend a lot of time behind a desk.In fact, in 2016 I was behind a torch 3 times. Crazy, huh? So this year, I decided to take advantage of all the webinars that Glasscraft offers. My goal was 1 webinar per month and at least 3 torch sessions working on what I learned. Then I thought, what if I worked with a group of people doing the same thing? So, the 2017 Webinar Project was born.


5 Reasons to Rent Studio Space at Glasscraft

Fri, Jan 22 2016 2:16 pm Jenn Langill Blog    Comments

Do you know that both Glasscraft locations rent studio space? Here are some reasons you should rent from us!

Find out more!

Instructor Profile - Brian Serck - aka Berzercker

Tue, Dec 15 2015 2:28 pm Jenn Langill Blog    Comments

Glasscraft is proud to welcome back instructor Brian Serck aka Berzerker for 3 classes in January 2016. Let's get to know him a little better!

Learn more about Berzerker!

In the spotlight: Five tips for submitting your work to glass publications

Wed, Dec 16 2015 7:51 am Kelli Matthews Blog    Comments

If you’re serious about growing your business as a glass artist, you have to extend your name and reputation beyond a small circle of potential buyers. With the web and social media, you can find a million ways to share your work (more on that in a future post), but nothing beats the feeling of seeing your work highlight in a glossy magazine.

Read on for our top 5 tips

Glasscraft Instructor Profile- Steve Bates

Mon, Dec 07 2015 2:08 pm Jennifer Langill Blog   Learning    Comments

On February 18-20, 2016, Steve Bates will be teaching a Construction and Concept class at Glasscraft’s Golden Studio. Let's get to know him a little better!

Learn more about Steve Bates

Glasscraft Introduces Distribution Services

Mon, Nov 02 2015 10:33 am Jenn Langill Blog    Comments

Glasscraft is your go to source for all things glass. In addition to our current offerings of education, materials and supplies, and a place to work we are happy to announce that we are offering distribution services for your functional pieces. Glasscraft will give you distribution pricing for your finished functional pieces and we will do the hustling for you. 

Get more details

Take Great Photos of Your Work: Tips for Glass Artists from Robert Mickelsen.

Thu, Oct 08 2015 4:04 pm Kelli Matthews Blog    Comments

You spend hours over the flame creating a single piece of art. The creativity takes focus, craftsmanship and skillful attention to detail. And when it’s finally complete and you’re
ready to show it off... you take a quick picture with your phone on a cluttered bench in terrible light?

Learn how to photograph glass

Rocky Mountain Flameworkers' Beads of Courage Challenge

Wed, Sep 30 2015 6:07 pm Jennifer Langill Blog   Events    Comments
On Saturday, September 26th,2015 the Rocky Mountain Flameworkers gathered at Glasscraft’s studio in Golden for the Beads of Courage Bead Challenge.  The studio was full of flameworkers making beads to donate to the Beads of Courage organization.
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View ASGS Videos On Our Site

Tue, Sep 22 2015 3:10 pm Jennifer Langill Blog   Learning    Comments

The American Scientific Glassblowers Society (ASGS) has been teaching and sharing information on scientific glassblowing since 1952. Last year, the ASGS partnered with Glasscraft to bring the educational videos created by members of the ASGS to the glass community. 

Find out more about this partnership!

If You Want to Make a Piece That Really Glows

Wed, Sep 02 2015 4:24 pm Kelli Matthews Blog   Learning    Comments

If you want to make a piece that really glows, you have a couple of options: glow in the dark or UV/black light reactive. So what’s the difference?

Learn How!

The Faeron-Yaun Takeover Wrap-Up

Fri, Aug 21 2015 1:49 pm Jennifer Langill Blog   Learning    Comments

Freddy Faerron and James Yaun and their teaching assistant Jerilyn Alderon spent last week at Glasscraft, Golden. We have all of the details and pictures!

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Freddy Faerron and James Yaun are taking over Glasscraft Golden

Thu, Aug 06 2015 3:23 pm Jennifer Langill Blog   Learning    Comments

While our Golden, Colorado studio is always a great place to be, next week will be really exciting! Freddy Faerron and James Yaun will be taking over the joint, spreading knowledge ad showing off their extensive fuming and vortex capabilities.

Learn About the Class

Music, Art, & Charity at The Michigan Glass Project

Thu, Jul 30 2015 1:43 pm Jennifer Langill Blog   Events    Comments

Once more, we got to sponsor and participate at the amazing community event for charity that is The Michigan Glass Project.

Read About the Project

Dave & Digi-Fab Go to Pilchuck Glass School

Thu, Jul 16 2015 11:47 am Mark Ganter Blog   Events   Learning    Comments

Our own Dave Winship recently attended Pilchuck Glass School for a class on Digital Fabrication. Another attendee, Mark Ganter, recently wrote about his experiences of this class.

Learn about the Class

9th Annual Tailpipe Tour Coming to Glasscraft Golden!

Thu, Jul 09 2015 10:24 am Jennifer Langil Blog   Events    Comments

On July 13th and 14th, Glasscraft will welcome Toni Goodstash and the Tailpipe Tour. There will be barbeque, special deals on glass, and a bridge building contest!

Read About the Tailpipe Tour

Still time to stop and smell the roses with Dellene Peralta's webinar

Wed, Jun 24 2015 4:44 pm Kelli Matthews Blog   Learning    Comments

Did you miss the Dellene Peralta webinar last week? Well, lucky you, there's still time to see it. All Glasscraft Webinars have a pay-per-view option and this one is worth the $29 investment. Why's that?

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Degenerate Flame Off: Functional Glass Art on Display

Thu, Jun 18 2015 4:04 pm Kelli Matthews Blog    Comments

We’re just a couple of days away from DFO7. Our team looks forward to this every year. As an executive sponsor (doesn’t that sound fancy) and local supporter of the Eugene pipe and functional glass ecosystem, Glasscraft has been there since the beginning.

Get Your Flame-Off On!