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Borosilicate Frit, Tubing, Odds & Uniques, COE 33

Image Small Batch Handmade Color Tubing and Rod
Small Batch Handmade Color Tubing and Rod

Tubing and Rod vary in size - not standardized. These are sold as-is - rod is appx. 1.3oz per stick and tube averages 1/4 to 1/2# per piece.

Image Chinese Color Tubing
Chinese Color Tubing

Mix and match cases of Chinese color tubing and rod to get up to 60% off list price when buying volume!

Buy any Chinese tubing and get access to an instructional video on how to build a Two Piece Sherlock using a cold clamp technique for free! Just use Coupon code "CLAMP" at checkout.

Cases are approximately 50 pounds. Pricebreaks reflect these case amounts.