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Deb Crowley's Glass Stock 2018

Posted on by Glasscraft, Inc.
Image Deb Crowley's Glass Stock 2018

Here is a shout out to Deb Crowley; Channeler of Glass Stock.

For 16 years now she has been hosting Glass Stock, making it happen, all the while staying true to herself and the mission; “sharing like there is no tomorrow.” It’s a monumental task! This year there are 60 artists, over 35 classes, and 24 instructors.

She graciously wrangles the facilities, supplies, tools, and food. Glass Stock is a non-commercial affair. This year it comes full circle - back at Newport, OR…in her private studio.

When she says it’s all about sharing and learning…she means it!

It’s going off next week so it’s too late to register for this year’s event, but you’ll get your chance. Deb’s passion will keep this game humming for years to come. Thanks Deb! You’re an inspiration…amazing!

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