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Glasscraft Introduces Distribution Services

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Glasscraft is your go to source for all things glass. In addition to our current offerings of education, materials and supplies, and a place to work we are happy to announce that we are offering distribution services for your functional pieces. Glasscraft will give you distribution pricing for your finished functional pieces and we will do the hustling for you.

How do I start?

  1. If you are a renter or customer at the Golden, CO location, go in and see Chris Schutz cschutz@glasscraftinc.com or Jeremy Debuhr jdebuhr@glasscraftinc.com or give either of them a call at (303) 278-4670
  2. If you are a customer at the Eugene, OR location, contact Eric Fredrickson at pipes@glasscraftinc.com  (541) 335-9907 or swing by the shop.
  3.  Anyone not in the Golden or Eugene area, send an email containing photos of 5 functional pieces, your pricing, and contact information to pipes@glasscraftinc.com or call Eric Fredrickson (541) 335-9907
  4. Eric Fredrickson (aka Bucho) will contact you to discuss pricing and let you know if we can accept a sample.
  5. Send sample pieces to :
    Glasscraft, Inc. 
    Eric Fredrickson
    3844 Janisse St.
    Eugene, OR 97402
  1. Eric will contact you and let you know whether or not we can accept your pieces.


    If Eric gives your samples the thumbs up:

    1. Glasscraft will contact you and place a small initial order.
    2. Fulfill the order and ship to the address above.
    3. Glasscraft will write you a check upon receipt of your order.
    4. Glasscraft will contact you for further orders.

    What are we looking for?
    •      Consistency!  Fulfilling orders with sub-par pieces that look nothing like your samples will result in your order being returned.
    •      Original work. Show us what you can do!
    •      Timely order fulfillment.
    Some shipping hints:
    • Please insure all shipments.
    • Package your pieces with care. Use bubble wrap and pack the box tightly.
    • Mark packages as “Fragile”.

    Have questions? Contact Eric Fredrickson at (541)335-9907 or email him at pipes@glasscraftinc.com.


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