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Highlights from the Berzerker Classes

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Brian Serck aka Berzerker was just in the Golden studio teaching 3 classes, a Multi Layer Graal class and 2 sections of his Dark Matter Clay Mold class. Here are the highlights!

Multi Layer Graal

This three day class covered Serck’s Multi Layer Graal technique.  Serck built and demonstrated how use a sandblaster made from a cardboard box so that students would understand how to build their own sandblaster.  Topics covered in the class included:

Different methods to apply color for tube prep.



Digital image development for stencils for sandblasting.



Graal working or melting in sandblasted areas .



Etching glass



Painting with colored frit



Tube encasement



Dark Matter Clay Mold

The two one-day Dark Matter Clay Mold class was the first classes that Brian Serck has taught on his new product- Dark Matter Clay. The Dark Matter Clay is a proprietary formula that Serck has been developing over the last 8 years to be used to create reusable molds that can withstand the heat of borosilicate glass.  The class was well received and the attendees left with a Serck pendant, a 5lb box of the Dark Matter Clay, a mold and tons of ideas for the future.


The one day class covered:

How to handle the clay.

Making wax mold positives.

Pressing the molds.

Curing the molds.

How to use the cured molds.


We are creating a webinar for the Dark Matter Clay mold class, so stay tuned!



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