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Music, Bikes, Lights, and Blowing Glass With Luke Stone

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Luke Stone says he was hanging out with the right people at the right time... at the right studio to get his start in glass blowing. Just happened that studio was Brad Chunís (a 2nd generation Bob Snodgrass apprentice).

"I was basically their 'prep bitch,'" Luke says. "At first, I just connected scrap rods and prepped handles on some tubes. I decided it was pretty fun and gave it a try on my own. I soon moved onto marbles, pendants and pipes. I fell in love with glass."

Lukeís first influences are among the most known in glass blowing: Brad Chun, Cowboy, Bill Gimley and Nick Barlett. "Bill would work in the same shop I learned in and Nick would always come by with great ideas and techniques. It was a great place to learn."

Like all artists, Luke continues to look for others to be inspired by. Gateson Recko invented the universe marble and the "jammed planet" technique, for example.

"Unfortunately, I donít get to hang out with as many blowers in Denver," Luke says. "I have a small shop thatís just big enough for my station."

Luke spends most of his time making universe marbles at the moment, but says his style is "old school" from pipes, bubblers, one-hitters with a pushed bowl using lots of coil potting, pinwheel swirls and fuming with gold and silver.

He says his favorite piece is his "Time in Space" clock created in about 2009 (Below).

When not blowing glass, Luke is making music. While he sees them as two completely different things with totally different approaches, he says patience and practice are common denominators. To check out some of Lukeís funky grooves, visit his CDBaby profile. But even glass and music donít keep him busy enough. "Iím a jack-of-all trades," Luke says. "Glassblower, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, audio engineer, mastering engineer, wood workerÖ and I can fix just about anything except these newer German cars."

You can also find his name on the proprietor signs of Pedal Hopper, a three-party bike business and Tidy Lighties, a headlight restoration service. And he claims to grow the best medicine this side of the Rockies.

Luke will be teaching an Electroforming Basics class at the Golden, Colorado studio on Sunday the 22nd, 2015.

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