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Glass Meets Technology at 44th Annual Glass Art Society Conference in San Jose

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Making glass art may be hundreds of years old, but this year’s Glass Art Society (GAS) Conference in San Jose puts ideas, innovation and technology front and center. Even the location of the conference in California’s Silicon Valley speaks to this year’s emphasis on technology as it intersects with the art.

As long-time GAS members and participants in the annual conference, the Glasscraft team is excited about this focus. A few highlights that stand out:

— Pipemakers. For the first time, pipemakers are participating fully in the conference. Two demos - one from Eusheen Goines and one from Bob Snodgrass - don’t specifically focus on pipes, but everyone in the industry knows where these two come from. That inclusion is exciting for all glass artists. Pipemakers bring techniques, innovations and ideas that studio artists can learn from, and vice-versa.

— 3D Printing. In a couple of lectures, experts talk about 3D printing and glass, a fascinating and exciting innovation for artists. Professor Mark Ganter, mechanical engineering faculty at the University of Washington will share his ideas and the UK’s Erin Dickson, an architect by training, talks about how she incorporates glass into spaces and her use of a water jet cutter as a 3D printer.

— Technology Advancing Glass (TAG) grant. Announced last year in Chicago, the grant is designed to be given to an artist, or group of artists, to fund research to advance the field of glass art. We can’t wait to see where this award takes the industry.

Glasscraft’s Dave Winship and Jeremy DeBuhr will be on hand with color, tools and conversation. If you’re in San Jose, come by the booth and say hi.

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