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Tiny Worlds Within Marble Webinar----

Tiny Worlds Within Marble Webinar | Past Webinars

Tiny Worlds Within Marble Webinar

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Miles Parker is fascinated by the endless possibilities of what can be placed inside a ‘simple’ marble form. Through demonstration and ample experimentation, explore some of the basics for creating a borosilicate marble, such as basic encasement and simple tubing implosions, and more, creating your own tiny world within. Join Miles as he demonstrates two such marbles. 
Demo #1 will be a UV Reactive 'Organized Chaos' with Herkimer Diamond and Volcanic Pebbles Marble
Demo #2 will be an Upside-down Fumicello Implosion Vortex Marble
Don't miss out on this webinar, it will be a great opportunity to ask Miles questions and learn from a great instructor!