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Scoring Knives and Cutting Tools

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Murrini Cutter by Bugeye, Cuts Murrini up to 7/8". This Cutter has an Integrated Surface Clamp for Quick and Easy Set Up and Take Down. Has a Material Fence and Length Guard so You Can Adjust to the Prefered Size of Murrini Chips. Also comes with A Quick Air Connection, Ready to Plug into Your Air Compressor. This Unit is Compact, Portable and Low Maintenance. The Blade is Easy to Replace and is the Same Blade as Your Basic Mosaic Cutter Blade ( 40736) - These Units Come with a 5 Year limited Warranty to Original Purchaser (Blades not Included).

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The Speedy Sharp scoring knife was originally meant to be a knife sharpener, but it makes an even better scoring tool for glass tubing. We use it with the 'score and snap' technique for breaking down tubing. Call if you need a rundown on how it's done!

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Disc loppers are a handy way to snip rod into shorter pieces. They work best on solid rod but can also be used to score tubing in a pinch.