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Hummingbird Feeder & Pipe Collab

Posted on by Glasscraft, Inc.
Image Hummingbird Feeder & Pipe Collab

I know I know, the Oregon Country Fair, 2018, is memory, but these Hummingbird Feeder Pipes that Bucho and I made for Fair need to be seen. For the 4 years we’ve been sharing a Country Fair booth, ever since they decided to start letting pipers sell at the Fair, Bucho and I have had this running joke: let’s do a hummingbird feeder pipe collab. “One of these years by god, we’re just gonna have to do it.” We always got stymied when thinking about how to actually combine the two elements: maybe some sort of ground joint attachment dealio? Well…2018 was the year. A few weeks before the Fair, Bucho had an epiphany: MAGNETS!!! “We can make a docking station with magnets.” 

I laughed hard when the first one came off the line; they do look ridiculous. Bill Bray summed it perfectly…between belly laughs, “WHY???” What the hell, they sold.

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