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Instructor Profile - Brian Serck - aka Berzercker

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Brian Serck aka Berzerker has been blowing glass since 1996.  Berzerker stumbled into the glass world through a friend who had been lampworking for 2 weeks. After he had bought a few pieces off the friend for $10, Serck offered the guy $10 to let him try his hand at blowing glass. The first piece Serck made hooked him and he quickly struck a deal to share shop space with the guy. Serck then went to Glasscraft and purchased Homer Hoyt’s “Glassblowing- An Introduction” (http://www.glasscraftinc.com/home/gla/page_25038_544/book_-_glassblowing-an_introduction_homer_hoyt.html)  and a torch and never looked back. Within a month, he quit his job and began working with glass full time.

Mostly, Berzerker has been self taught. He took a class at Glasscraft from Banjo, but he mostly just figured it out as he went along. He does have a Bachelors of Fine Arts that he received prior to discovering glass. Serck believes that his graphic arts background definitely helps him in his processes. However, he feels more comfortable in the glass world. Brian states “In the art world, you have to dress up and present yourself as someone you’re not. I can show up at a head shop with my case of glass and the glass sells itself.”


Berzerker likes to mess with other glassblowers heads. He likes to create things that cannot be reverse engineered. Serck tries to do the impossible and lets the glass show him how to do it. He wants people to look at his work and ask “how did he do that?” He is proud of his Dichro Extract technique that he previously taught at Glasscraft. You ca check out the webinar here :  http://www.glasscraftinc.com/home/gla/page_14760_992/dichroic_extract_with_berzerker-_a_recorded_webina.html

Serck is also very proud his Multi Layer Graal technique that he will be demonstrating in his class on January 13-15. The Multi Layer Graal Class has a few spots left, you can sign up here: http://www.glasscraftinc.com/home/gla/page_30396_2159/berzerkers_multiple_layer_graal_demo.html

However, the thing that he is most proud of is his Dark Matter Clay developed for making molds to be used with borosilicate glass. He started looking into ways to create molds in 2007. Back then, the options for creating molds were either not efficient or way too expensive. Serck began to experiment with anything you could make a mold with that could withstand heat. It was an expensive series of experiments and Serck admits he had to skip glass shows, pass over ski passes, and avoid partying to pursue his quest. About 6 months in he had a Eureka moment that put him on the right path. Then he spent 8 years refining the formula. The Clay Mold class Serck will be teaching on January 16th will be the first formal class he has taught with this technique.

Unfortunately, the January 16th Clay Mold class is currently sold out. However, we convinced Serck to add a second class on January 18th. You can reserve your class here: 




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