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Kimmo Implosion Cabachon

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Image Kimmo Implosion Cabachon

Kimmo was born in Finland, moving to Southern California with his mom when he was 5. Later, in the mid ‘90s he moved to Maui where he did a lot of surfing and learned to blow glass. Nathan Belmont, another one of our PlazmaKollab webinar presenters was also in Hawaii at this same time. Nathan is a few years younger than Kimmo - but somehow their paths never crossed: “Which was weird!” After living on Maui and the Big Island for 16-17 years Kimmo moved to Eugene, plugged into the DFO, and immediately felt at home.

But it was during the time Kimmo was in Hawaii that he taught himself the implosion technique after a hippy kid walked into the shop wearing a tear-drop pendant with a rose in it. Having never seen anything like it, Kimmo was amazed and determined to figure out how to make an imploded flower like the one he had seen in the pendant. After spending a few weeks of tinkering and experimenting, he had it. Impressive, especially considering this was before the technique was widely known or taught. Kimmo loves to tinker.

Here’s a picture of what started out as a very small piece of obsidian from here in Oregon that inflated when he put the torch to it:

And here is an example of some lava he made into a marble pendant.

Kimmo has taught the flower implosion technique to many: at Glass Stock East and West; Vegas Glass Craft and Bead Expo, and to the many who have observed his demonstrations at the DFO. Here is a collab he did with Katy Hoyt.

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