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Dellene Peralta Webinar

Wed, Jul 18 2018 5:55 pm Blog   Learning    Comments
Image Dellene Peralta Webinar

Dellene leads off on our 6 part webinar series: PlazmaKollab Weapon of Mass Peace


Upcoming Webinars

Wed, Jul 11 2018 11:08 am David Winship Learning    Comments
Image Upcoming Webinars

Here's a look at the webinars we're working on for the rest of 2018.


Glasscraft Instructor Profile- Steve Bates

Mon, Dec 07 2015 2:08 pm Jennifer Langill Blog   Learning    Comments

On February 18-20, 2016, Steve Bates will be teaching a Construction and Concept class at Glasscraft’s Golden Studio. Let's get to know him a little better!

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View ASGS Videos On Our Site

Tue, Sep 22 2015 3:10 pm Jennifer Langill Blog   Learning    Comments

The American Scientific Glassblowers Society (ASGS) has been teaching and sharing information on scientific glassblowing since 1952. Last year, the ASGS partnered with Glasscraft to bring the educational videos created by members of the ASGS to the glass community. 

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If You Want to Make a Piece That Really Glows

Wed, Sep 02 2015 4:24 pm Kelli Matthews Blog   Learning    Comments

If you want to make a piece that really glows, you have a couple of options: glow in the dark or UV/black light reactive. So what’s the difference?

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The Faeron-Yaun Takeover Wrap-Up

Fri, Aug 21 2015 1:49 pm Jennifer Langill Blog   Learning    Comments

Freddy Faerron and James Yaun and their teaching assistant Jerilyn Alderon spent last week at Glasscraft, Golden. We have all of the details and pictures!

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Freddy Faerron and James Yaun are taking over Glasscraft Golden

Thu, Aug 06 2015 3:23 pm Jennifer Langill Blog   Learning    Comments

While our Golden, Colorado studio is always a great place to be, next week will be really exciting! Freddy Faerron and James Yaun will be taking over the joint, spreading knowledge ad showing off their extensive fuming and vortex capabilities.

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Dave & Digi-Fab Go to Pilchuck Glass School

Thu, Jul 16 2015 11:47 am Mark Ganter Blog   Events   Learning    Comments

Our own Dave Winship recently attended Pilchuck Glass School for a class on Digital Fabrication. Another attendee, Mark Ganter, recently wrote about his experiences of this class.

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Still time to stop and smell the roses with Dellene Peralta's webinar

Wed, Jun 24 2015 4:44 pm Kelli Matthews Blog   Learning    Comments

Did you miss the Dellene Peralta webinar last week? Well, lucky you, there's still time to see it. All Glasscraft Webinars have a pay-per-view option and this one is worth the $29 investment. Why's that?

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Find Your Tribe! The Value of Networking for Lampworkers

Thu, May 21 2015 12:23 pm Jennifer Langil Blog   Learning    Comments

For many lampworkers, working with glass is solitary activity. But sometimes you have to turn off the torch and do some socializing. Networking with other glassblowers is a great way to socialize and strengthen your business.

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