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Murano Techniques Translated to The Boro World

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 Murano Techniques Translated to The Boro World

The boro world is bursting at the seams with new techniques, new color and new ideas. Yet many things we do have deep roots on the island of Murano.

Most Venetian Glass was (and is) made on the island of Murano with the techniques passed from generation to generation and artisan to artisan.  Their focus is often vases, goblets and vessels.Fortunately for us, modern day masters of the Venetian style of glass have adapted many old school techniques to modern borosilicate lampworking.  


One of these modern-day masters, Christian Luginger shares his craft with students who want to grow as artists and have an interest in centuries-old legacy of lampworking. Fascinated by history, Christian takes inspiration from pieces first creates 500 years ago and explores how to replicate the style, but expressing his feelings and vision as an artist. 


Interesting in learning more about this style? Christian is teaching a GlassCraft class April 14 and 15 in Golden, Colorado. http://www.glasscraftinc.com/home/gla/page_30658_2183/goblets_shapes_and_vessels.html
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