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Nathan (N8) Miers - Recorded Webinar 2012----

Nathan (N8) Miers - Recorded Webinar 2012 | Past Webinars

Nathan (N8) Miers - Recorded Webinar 2012

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Date & Time:

July 19th - 6pm MDT


Nathan (N8) Miers




In this 2 hour live Webinar Nathan Miers will teach you the techniques required to make a high quality incalmo dish. Dishes are in popular demand in the functional market right now, making this Webinar a timely investment. In this Webinar N8 will cover:

  • Breaking down pre-made color tubing
  • Sleeving with a clear tube
  • Incalmo techniques
  • Shaping and finishing a dish
With experience from his graphics arts background, Nathan passionately orchestrates the shapes and colors in his marbles to achieve pieces that will uplift and brighten the day of the viewer. You can stay up to date with Nathan at his 'Adventures in Glassblowing' Blog or see more of his work by visiting his website at

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