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Jesse Wakeley

Born and raised in the rugged wilderness of north Idaho, I escaped to find a place that actually had stuff going on. I discovered the quirky place that is Eugene, and enrolled at the University of Oregon. My first job in town while working my way through school was at a local smoke shop, which gave me my first exposure to and appreciation for glass art.

After graduating with a degree in Computer & Information Science, I worked for a web development firm through which I worked on building the new Glasscraft web site. After deciding to try something different, I got the opportunity to work directly for Glasscraft. It's been an exciting role, providing me a broad list of challenges, including maintaining and improving the website, Internet Marketing, and improving efficiency through new and existing technologies within the company. Once more, I find myself surrounded by glass, and I'm more in awe of the art than ever. It's funny where life takes you..

Image Jesse Wakeley


Image 2 Jesse Wakeley

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