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Still time to stop and smell the roses with Dellene Peralta's webinar

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Did you miss the Dellene Peralta webinar last week? Well, lucky you, there's still time to see it. All Glasscraft Webinars have a pay-per-view option and this one is worth the $29 investment. Why's that?

  • Filmed at the new Glasscraft Eugene studio, giving the talented videographer, Joaquin Herrera, the opportunity to get the right angles and best shots to show the techniques.

  • Dellene is a great presenter, talking through her process and describing what she is doing and why.

  • Part of that process was creating and applying eye milli, which she spends time demonstrating.

  • Glass artists love tools and Dellene talks through each of the tools she is using and why.

  • She identifies each of the colors she uses in the pendant, making it easy to follow her lead.

That should get you going! Click here to buy: http://www.glasscraftinc.com/home/gla/page_29281_992/dellene_peralta_-_it_must_have_been_the_roses_2015.html



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