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Freddy Faerron and James Yaun are taking over Glasscraft Golden

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While our Golden, Colorado studio is always a great place to be, next week will be really exciting! Freddy Faerron and James Yaun will be taking over the joint, spreading knowledge ad showing off their extensive fuming and vortex capabilities.

The 5 day adventure starts with a 2 day class in Advance Fume Theory and Application on August 12th and 13th. Faerron and Yaun will be sharing fuming studies and techniques 35 years in the making.  Making the rainbow fume color wheel and the applied theories in doing single colors from the rainbow fume palette will be shared. The reflective and transmitting qualities of fume will be explored. Hollow and solid form techniques will be applied from many angles. They will share theories and application in implosion, traditional cane making, marble making, hollow vessel forming, fume layering, surface patterning and multiple combinations of these techniques.


On Friday, August 14th Glasscraft, Golden will be hosting a community day. Artists are welcome to come and participate in an open collaboration. Faerron and Yaun will be making a 4 plus inch Orb with segments made by the participants. This is a free event and bound to be a lot of fun!







On Saturday and Sunday, August 15th and 16th, Yaun and Faerron will be teaching another 2 day class, this time on Advanced Vortex Theory and Application.  This class will explore vortex theory, optic properties of glass, inclusions and how to vortex flat artwork. 

For more information on the classes, click here. Hurry, there are only a few spots left!


About the Instructors


Freddy Faerron has been a professional craft artisan for over 25years. His career has encompassed various media including leather, metal, plate glass and lampworked glass. He has traveled throughout the U.S. selling his art in open-air markets, craft fairs and retail stores. His jewelry was showcased on the national TV series “Dharma and Greg,” and worn in concert by Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls. Working as a stained glass assembler in the mid 1990's, he fell in love with glass in general. He learned to cut, foil and assemble custom stained glass panels from artists Bill and Irene Powell of Miami, Florida, and has continued his growth in glass art ever since. He began working with borosilicate glass as a lampworker in the late 90s. For the past 17 years he has developed jewelry, marbles and large-scale borosilicate drinking vessels, as well as solid and hollow sculptures.


James Yaun started lampworking, making spoons back in 1998. In 1999, while attending a Widespread Panic show in hopes of selling his wares, he met a guy from Southern California who was selling fumed spoons. Yaun was blown away. The seller explained the technique very quickly and rudimentarily, stating that you basically put metal in the flame and let the fume stick to the glass. So, Yaun went out and bought a 24 karat gold coin and a troy ounce of silver and got started. He really didn’t know what he was doing   He put large chunks of metal in the flame that were too heavy and soon a piece of very hot metal was tumbling around his bench. It took about three weeks before he started getting the hang of things. In the early 2000’s he quit glass for about a year. Yaun started back up with beads and pendants. Then, he came across Kenan Tiemeyer’s fumed pendants. Yaun realized that he could use the fuming techniques he had been honing years earlier and make art. In fact from 2004-2009 Yaun stuck to marbles and pendants exclusively. Yaun has decided that the time has come to spill all of his proprietary secrets. His vortex and fuming secrets will be laid on the table with these two classes and he looks forward to sharing them all with you.


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