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Dave Winship

Either through Winship Designs or Glasscraft, Iíve been involved with supplying borosilicate lampworkers for almost 20 years. It all started back in 1983 when my wife Lisa and I moved to Eugene, Oregon after receiving our music degrees from the University of Idaho. Lisa and I were vendors at the Eugene Saturday Market when, like many of us here in the Pacific Northwest, we were introduced to art glass and the Studio Art Glass Movement. We incorporated glass into our crafts at Saturday Market and eventually worked our way into the supply side of things. Over the years, Iíve found the borosilicate distribution business to be very exciting, very dynamic. Glasscraft and Winship Designs, Inc. came together in 2009 and I feel really lucky to be working with the Denver crew carrying on the Hoyt legacy. One of the biggest challenges Iím engaged in right now is finding viable recycling opportunities for all of the borosilicate waste our industry is generating. Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Image Dave Winship

Glasscraft President in Eugene

Image 2 Dave Winship

Image 3 Dave Winship