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Dellene Peralta Webinar

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Image Dellene Peralta Webinar

On 7/26 we will present Dellene Peralta’s webinar as the first in our 6 part PlazmaKollab series. She will demonstrate a dichro roll up and sleeving technique, a customizable money saver for many artists’ applications.

This dichro work will form the core of a larger collaborative work: Weapon of Mass Peace.

Based on the V2 rocket from WWII Germany, Dellene and 4 other artists - Arron Siverson, Nathan Belmont, Kaleb Folk, and Kimmo – will all contribute to the final piece. We will present 5 webinars featuring their respective contributions, and then a 6th webinar where all the parts get combined and plasma electrified/illuminated. All of this production took place at the No Name Studio (or perhaps Studio de Lo Ocho?) in the former Cornerstone building in the Whitaker neighborhood of Eugene, OR.

Dellene will also demonstrate some sophisticated stringer techniques as she builds a lattice type scaffolding to attach her vines, leaves, and flowers.

She calls these her “bath mat” flowers.

We hope you can join us http://bit.ly/2IPu0ct

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