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Nathan Belmont Webinar

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Image Nathan Belmont Webinar

On 8/30 we’re going to feature Nathan Belmont in Episode II of the PlazmaKollab - Weapon of Mass Peace - Six Episode Webinar Series.

Nathan contributes a detailed Bas-relief style skull to the finished piece and in the webinar demonstrates his sculpting techniques, discussing and fielding questions any attendees might have about his process.

Nate preps up some Elan Bright White for the skull, and in the dozens of webinars we’ve produced, I think this is the first time we’ve captured any sort of Boro Bar demonstration.

Originally from Hawaii, Nathan started his apprentice in 2004 with Jupiter Nielsen at Maui Crystal in Lahaina, at the same studio where John Lindquist and Jennifer Umphress worked, and then went out on his own in 2010. Nathan moved stateside a couple of years ago and now lives and works in Eugene, Oregon, sharing space at Studio Ocho with the other artists and contributors to the PlazmaKollab project: Dellene Peralta, Kimmo, Kaleb Folck, and Arron Siverson.

All three of the webinar’s video segments begin with interviews of Nate - talking about growing up in Hawaii, sharing insights & thoughts on the contemporary glass scene. Nate’s generous approach is evident as he talks about the collaboration process, reasons and purpose behind creative works, and thoughts on the local glassblower community.

We hope you can join us for this webinar with Nathan.

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