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Employee Artist Profile - Chris Schutz

Thu, May 21 2015 12:14 pm Mike Montour Blog   Profiles    Comments

Continuing this month with our profiles of Glasscraft employees who are also exceptional glass artists, we proudly announce Chris Schutz as Glasscraft Artist of the Week. Please read a little about Chris and check out these pictures of his work.

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Music, Bikes, Lights, and Blowing Glass With Luke Stone

Wed, Mar 18 2015 2:51 pm Kelli Matthews Blog   Profiles    Comments

When asked how he got his start in glass blowing, Luke Stone says he was hanging out with the right people at the right time...

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Preston Hanna and His Spirit Animals: A Profile of Our March Webinar Artist

Wed, Mar 04 2015 3:42 pm Kelli Matthews Blog   Profiles    Comments

Our March webinar host, Preston Hanna, has the mind of an engineer, the know-how of a machinist and the soul of a... woodland creature?

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