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The 2017 Webinar Project- January

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The 2017 Webinar Project- January

Many of us start the new year with goals and resolutions. My goal this year was to expand my skill set behind the torch. My name is Jenn Langill, I have been a hobbyist on the torch for 9 years, 2 of those years were spent in the Scientific Glass Technology Program at Salem Community College. I am currently the Education Coordinator for Glasscraft. All those awesome classes and webinars Glasscraft offers, I help make those happen. I spend a lot of time behind a desk.In fact, in 2016 I was behind a torch 3 times. Crazy, huh? So this year, I decided to take advantage of all the webinars that Glasscraft offers. My goal was 1 webinar per month and at least 3 torch sessions working on what I learned. Then I thought, what if I worked with a group of people doing the same thing? So, the 2017 Webinar Project was born.

There are 25 people in the Webinar Project including myself. We are allowed 1 pre-recorded webinar per month. We use a private forum and discuss what we have watched and share progress photos. There really is only one rule- be positive. While everyone is at different spots in our glassblowing lives, we all have 1 goal- to learn more. That makes us equals.

The choices of webinars for January were varied. They included:

Some quotes from participants on the first month:

“I have worked with solid glass since I have been working glass...this is my first time really working with tubing. I realize it's thick wall but hey I made my first 5 spoons today...Well I ditched the first one, but the rest I kept....not sure what the hole sized are supposed to be though..A lot of fun, and something new in just a couple hours. Can't beat that.”

"Lavender and serum up for auction rn on my ig if your interested, follow along :) ppl are loving the tech, so happy I’m in this class!"

"Here is the pictures of the eye cane I made last night. First time I have ever tried. So learned a lot. Definitely need smaller pupil and more iris. But was definitely cool to make.


"I'm stoked to be part of this project as I've been looking into the webinars for a while and this opportunity was too sweet to let pass. I chose the first salt webinar as a beginning point and these are my first few attempts that aren't swimming in my scrap puddle."

“I watched the Big Z webinar for January. Great watch. Definitely learned a couple tricks and his method of sleeving is opposite of what I've done in the past. If you're interested I'd totally recommend it!”

“That was an awesome first video, I have lots of practice to still do though. Thanks for all the help getting it working. I took the Chris Schutz - Glass Blowing Basics Beginner Instructional Video”



As for me, I was a little busy in January but I still managed to get into the studio a few times. No excuses for February though. I am doing the Big Z webinar that I was planning on doing in January. Next month, I will post some of my progress! Oh, and if you are interested in this program, we are working on offering it again soon, so keep an eye on the website for updates.


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