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Upcoming Webinars

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Image Upcoming Webinars

When the Golden Studio shut down, Glasscraft needed another way to create our webinars. Up until closing Golden, we’d film classes being taught there and then produce webinars from that content. Now, in order to keep our Webinar Project full and exciting, we have to do things differently. So...we’re picking up content from artists here in Eugene and others at various events. In the months to come we’ll be sharing a 6 webinar series from 5 artists: the PlazmaKollab featuring Arron Siverson, Nathan Belmont, Dellene Peralta, Kaleb Folck, and Kimmo make A Weapon of Mass Peace, a work informed by Germany's World War 2's V-2 Rocket.

You can participate in all 6 webinars as a block, or one-by-one, with Dellene Peralta leading off on 7/26/2018. Expect a Darby webinar produced from his participation in the Portland DFO.

We also recorded Hamm’s Curtain of Fire at the DFO with additional content from his studio: he's preparing to teach all of this at Pilchuck during Session 5, 7/30/2018 - 8/16/2018.

And last but not least, we've got a bunch of scientific technique (a lot of lathe work) captured during the American Scientific Glassblowers Society Symposium in Fort Collins, CO on June, 21 2018.

So ya...we've loaded up the pipeline for at least 10 months’ worth of new content. We're really excited to share it.

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